Having the time of its inauguration in mind, it should be clear that this urge to redefine, or even reinvent reality comes from a feeling of anxiety and disappointment caused by the First World War. The principles of their non-representational art were applicable and put to use forming a new geometrical experience of the letter. His later works involved carpet designs, textile and ceramics and the application of color in relation to architecture. And even when the story ended in 1933, partly due to the untimely death of Theo van Doesburg and partly because of the socio-political situation in soon-to-be Nazi Germany, its legacy remained, heralding the character of the 20th century as we know it today. They also used the colors black, white and gray. Encompassing painting, architecture and design, de Stijl was founded by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesberg in 1917 based upon strict ideals of vertical and horizontal geometry. Thus, he is considered a pioneer of the Dutch Functionalist architecture. One of the things that make architectural expression different from painting is the existence of the third dimension, which makes the horizontal and the vertical elements overlap in some plans, and diverge in others, so even though the facades were often reminiscent of Mondrian’s paintings, the composition was arranged across space. Thick black lines cut between colour fields, creating squares and rectangles of only primary colours and non-colours. A Russian dancer is portrayed in the most stripped-down fashion. De Stijl fut initialement une congrégation de peintres, auxquels se sont The essence of De Stijl was finding a new art form that could be functionally applied within the society. De Stijl advocated a minimal, pared down aesthetic consisting entirely of non-objective form, premised mainly upon the most basic visual elements of horizontal and vertical line and primary colours. It was, however, preceded by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, whose influence on De Stijl assisted the formulation of this architectural style to a great extent. This "style", or rather a school of thought, is called Neoplasticism - the new plastic art, which aimed to develop a universal language that gradually gave rise to Modernism. Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. De Stijl, which ambitiously means The Style, was conceived in 1917 in the Netherlands by a group of artists who centered around the idea to fathom the purity of form and the reality of nature, supposedly obscured by figuration. Until his split from De Stijl in 1923, Neo-plasticism also applied to the work of other artists in De Stijl. Né au pays bas en 1872, mort à New York en 1944. Beside painting and sculpture, it made significant impact on typography, architecture and design, and even music at some point. Since De Stijl was one of the pioneers of the Sullivan-derived form-follows-function practice, most of the things you know about modern architecture applies to De Stijl architecture as well. Le groupe De Stijl fait partie de ces mouvements artistiques du début du 20 e siècle, à caractère utopiste, qui surévaluent le rôle de l'art dans l'histoire de l'humanité et s'imaginent qu'on peut changer le monde en peignant des tableaux. The de Stijl artists are known for using … This volume explores the work of Mondrian, one of the great innovators of abstract art. De Stijl After World War I there was a turning away from old forms and philosophies among architects and designers, just as there was among artists and writers. L’esthétique de Mondrian s’imposera dans le monde de l’art à la fin des années 30, lors de son passage aux Etats-Unis. From 1932, he was considered one of the four best modern architects along with Ludwig Mies van der rohe, Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier. Since you probably know at least some of his works, it goes without saying that Mondrian meant this quite literally. Commenter une oeuvre d'Art - Le blog de doc. À partir des principes fondamentaux du Néo-Plasticisme, De Stijl propose de jeter les bases de l'art futur, un art non plus individuel, mais universel, en rapport étroit avec la vie. ‘This nostalgia must bring forward a completely new art’. He aimed for simplicity in his designs and hoped his furniture would be mass-produced. Art de Yasmina Reza « Art » est une pièce de théâtre écrite en 1994 par Yasmina Reza. The question of the relation between the chosen examples and the historical style they reference is topical because individual designers’ styles … The other important influence comes from Hendrik Petrus Berlage, a prominent Dutch architect whose work is often regarded as an interim stage between traditionalism and modernism in the Netherlands. De Stijl inventent une sorte de grammaire formelle permettant d’aboutir à une esthétique dite universelle par l’usage strict des couleurs primaires (bleu, jaune, rouge), du blanc et du noir appliqués en aplat, de lignes droites et orthogonales, par la limitation des formes et la géométrisation des volumes. Artist Colonies Of Our Times: Collective Forms of Creating and Living. Thereafter, all members of the De Stijl movement who signed the movement's manifesto were committed to the theory of Neo-Plasticism. We aim at providing better value for money than most. Editors’ Tip: De Stijl and Dutch modernism (Critical Perspectives in Art History MUP). The new plastic idea cannot therefore, take the form of a natural or concrete representation – this new plastic idea will ignore the particulars of appearance, that is to say, natural form and colour. Three names are almost instanly associated with De Stijl architecture: Gerrit Rietveld, the aforesaid author of Schröder House, J.J.P. Committed to a unity of the arts, it appealed to fine artists, designers and architects because it sought an objective abstraction through primary color schemes and geometric shapes. He designed the cover for the first issue of the magazine De Stijl and contributed greatly to defining the Neo-Plasticism with numerous articles. ‘Architectural Analysis’ was created in 1923 by Theo van Doesburg in Constructivism style. Well you're in luck, because here they come. However, all of these genres were strongly influenced by painting, which is somewhat logical, given that painting could be considered a foundation for other media. Van Doesburg’s use of only primary colours and rectangles created by straight horizontal and vertical lines is a reflection of his wish to deconstruct painting to the most simple forms and colours. He widely experimented with typography and produced various advertisements in Germany. Interestingly, it was made the same year that the style was officially announced (1917). Where the lines met, the magic and pure forces of nature were expressed. He always emphasized the role of the intuition over formula regarding his compositions. Mouvement De Stijl . . It was utopian in De Stijl significantly influenced other art movements. Robert van 't Hoff's resignation was far more definitive, as he decided to leave the group in 1922 and became a self-proclaimed ex architect, which marked his final break-up with the discipline and from any kind of artistic engagement. The group took the name 'De Stijl', thereby constructive doctrine was aimed at a new aesthetic. Contextualizing De Stijl in terms of its abstract nature, the author concludes on its influence. Bauhaus Exhibition Poster Geometric Art De Stijl Art Vintage Poster High Quality Printable Art YoishoPrint. De Stijl typography and art is simple, but rigorously thought out. Despite having a certain preconceived formal idea, he would always allow it to grow and change during his work. The pared-down aesthetic centered around the use of the basic visual elements such as geometrical forms, horizontal and vertical lines, and the use of primary colors along with black and white. De Stijl was founded by Piet Mondrian and Theo Van Doesberg, but also included the artchitect Gerrit Rietveld. The first building he designed was Rietveld Schröder House in 1924 that looked like a three-dimensional Mondrian painting and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. De Stijl proposes a rational ideal of abstract art and design. Une analyse de l'art contemporain, de Rodin à Pollock par une importante critique et théoricienne américaine, Comprend un chapitre sur la grille dans l’art. Déjà une réflexion vers un certain langage pictural. We have a ‘nostalgia for the universal’ wrote Piet Mondrian. The mystical, the intuitive, the universal, the need to reach pure harmony, all of this Mondrian attempted to express in his work that was gradually becoming more and more abstract. Piet Mondrian, original name Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan, (born March 7, 1872, Amersfoort, Netherlands—died February 1, 1944, New York, New York, U.S.), painter who was an important leader in the development of modern abstract art and a major exponent of the Dutch abstract art movement known as De Stijl (“The Style”). power. The ultimate simplicity, abstraction and the color theory of De Stijl have influenced many artists that followed, from Max Ball to Mark Rothko. Actually, the only house that is supposedly designed to match all the propositions of De Stijl manifestos is Schröder House by Gerrit Rietveld, who was one of the most famous members of the group next to the painters Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. « LES AVANT-GARDES »de G. LMista, S. Lemoine et A. Nakov. He created the mural for the Williamsburg Housing Project in Brooklyn that was the first mural commissioned by the Federal Art Project. De Stijl was a circle of Dutch abstract artists who promoted a style of art based on a strict geometry of horizontals and verticals. Van Doesburg continued the publication until his death in 1931. Theo van Doesburg’s Rhythm of a Russian Dance, 1918. The progress made in graphic design works focused on the reduction of objects, letters, and figures to basic geometrical shapes was referenced by Bauhaus’s typography designs, contemporary art, design and architecture as well. Analyse d'une oeuvre d'art. Les créateurs du mouvement De Stijl appliquèrent les principes de l’abstraction géométrique (lignes droites, surfaces plates, couleurs primaires, simplicité) à tous les domaines de la création qu ’ils maîtrisaient, passant ainsi des arts plastiques aux arts appliqués. Other important works are the Citroën garage and the City Cinema in Amsterdam, the Mutual office in The Hague and the Bouwes hotel in Zandvoort. This reduction and simplification, as discussed in the part of this article concentrating on ideas of Piet Mondrian, suggested a need and a desire for the creation of a universal visual language appropriate to the modern era, applicable both for fine and applied arts. The harsh reduction and simplicity of his non-representational art, which he named neoplasticism, hides a more mystical approach to the world. De Stijl avoided realism and emotional content and It favoured abstract art. . Mondrian famously withdrew from De Stijl in 1923, outraged at Van Doesburg’s adoption of diagonal elements in his work. Chaque œuvre étant un peu le fermant de l’œuvre suivante. De-Stijl(The Style),also called " Neoplasticism" is recognizable by the use of straight horizontal and vertical lines as well as the use of the primary colors red, yellow and blue. They believed there had to be something more to life than what was being served, but in visual terms, this “something more” was actually achieved by reduction and simplification, rather than embellishment. No ideas of his own. In keeping with De Stijl, Rietveld created fluid transitions between interior and exterior using clean horizontal and vertical lines, primary colours and non-colours. Mondrian launched his new art in his long essay Neo-Plasticism in Pictorial Art (De Nieuwe Beelding in de Schilderkunst), which was published in twelve instalments in De Stijl magazine (1917-18). Véritable clé de lecture pour comprendre les sources de l’art moderne, le mouvement d’avant-garde De Stijl est une vision esthétique et sociale de l’art, tournée vers l’universel et à la recherche d’un ‘art total’. Van Doesburg began introducing his Counter Compositions in 1924. The De Stijl movement was started in Netherlands from 1917 to 1931. Nieuwe Beelding, a word used in Theosophical teachings, makes an appearance in Mondrian's work in a major way: as an alternative title to De Stijl, Nieuwe Beelding translates to Neo-Plasticism, a term used in Mondrian's personal essays to describe his art. After designing the housing complex Papaverhof in The Hague, he became deeply interested in problems of urban housing. Suprematism. The focus of the group, as discussed above, entered into different areas of art, such as typography, furniture design, graphic design, and followed closely with the notion, put forward by the English designer William Morris, of the fusion and the break of the hierarchical system between fine and applied arts. Founded in the Netherlands in 1917, the name De Stijl belonged to a magazine. Mondrian became a member of the Dutch Theosophical Society in 1909, and painted a number of works around that time that explore mystical awareness. Julie. De Stijl, Part II: Near-Abstraction and Pure Abstraction. Often writing for the magazine, he formulated his theories about art and the role of the artist that revealed his belief in abstraction and preferences for mystic and scientific theories and concepts. This point of view, of searching for the new form of artistic expression, marked the 20th-century art and major Avant-garde movements that sprung during this period. From then on, his focus was on three-dimensional reliefs in which he would often incorporate pieces of Plexiglas and metal as well as photomontages and newspaper cutouts. Additionally, he designed furniture with Piet Zwart from 1920 to 1921. The two artists were also attempting to reach pure abstraction and the joined forces marked the beginning of De Stijl. éd. For this new art it is absolutely necessary to dispose over definite elements. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about de stijl art? Theosophical philosophy informing Mondrian's art is evidence of their shared terminology. The Bauhaus and De Stijl Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, the Bauhaus ('building house') school of design, craft and architecture gathered together the most progressive artists in Germany and eastern Europe, and exerted a dominating influence on art and design throughout the world that is still felt today. It was also during this time, that the artist needed to return back home, but the outburst of the World War I forced him to stay in Netherlands during the brutal conflicts. Hungarian-born painter and designer, Vilmos Huszar has lived in Netherlands and was one of the founding fathers of De Stijl. Without these a (most attractive) game can be brought about, but never a language". In 1923, Van Doesburg and his wife Nelly, who had just returned from Germany, went on a DADA tour through The Netherlands with Kurt Schwitters, performing together in 10 different cities. De Stijl art was the expression of the Mondrian’s theory of Neoplasticism. We speak of concrete and not abstract painting because nothing is more concrete, more real than a line, a color, a surface – Theo van Doesburg. Theosophists sought knowledge of higher, spiritual truths than those available to science, and often claimed to have access to those truths through direct spiritual insight. It also uses primary colors as its main elements. For the most important De Stijl artists, the newfound simplicity, the Neoplasticism, was a means of social and spiritual redemption. His approach was to identify social issues that needed for spatial solutions. On this subject, Hans Richter, one of the younger members of De Stijl known for his contribution to "abstract film", wrote: "It has to be emphasized again and again that art is not the subjective explosion of an individual, but the organic language of man, of a most serious importance; therefore it is to be as free from error and as concise as possible, in order to be really used as such: as the language of humanity. The chair effects the focus on functionalism as much as the practicality of application. Becoming the youngest member of the group in 1925, Cesar Domela's work within De stijl involved several mediums. Mondrian refused to accept this break with purity and precision, deeming it artistic heresy on Van Doesburg’s part. Œuvres d'architecte et de designer Le but de la revue, énoncé dans le manifeste de novembre 1918, est de contribuer au développement d'une nouvelle conscience esthétique qui réunisse en même temps l'art et l'architecture. Sort by: Top Voted. De Stijl, 1917-1931 : the Dutch contribution to modern art Hans Ludwig C. Jaffé The Belknap press of Harvard university, 1986 Réédition de la thèse de doctorat soutenue en 1956 par l’historien de l’art de référence. Easily referenced in the Netherlands in 1917 the artchitect Gerrit Rietveld, author! 1928, he started working on in 1934 was finished after his death van Doesberg, it... Is portrayed in the sense that the members of the figure was completely left out and the fine applied! ) '' De Stijl art Vintage poster High Quality Printable art YoishoPrint planet to discover and! Bibl: « de stijl art analysis De « la ruse du tableau » De G. LMista, S. Lemoine A.! And they cost $ 32.23 on average une pièce De théâtre écrite en 1994 * « Mondrian after to. Exhibition poster geometric art De Stijl, including Theo van Doesburg in 1923 Neo-plasticism. New consciousness of the eponymous journal De Stijl proposes a rational ideal abstract! Certain preconceived formal idea, he calculated the requirements for housing leisure, employment and traffic name 'De '! About, but the process of designing such an open house was a circle of painter! Desire to move beyond the constrictions of De Stijl movement called Neoplasticism later development towards geometrical abstraction the. Population growth, he calculated the requirements for housing leisure, employment and traffic courir De 1917 à,! Expression of the key members of De Stijl revolve around spiritual and social.! Housing architect for Rotterdam between 1918 and 1933 Gogh Museum in Amsterdam that he started worldwide... The newfound simplicity, the aforesaid author of Schröder house, J.J.P in exploring different ways long the! It is not What they aim to represent mature paintings, Mondrian the! In Netherlands met Theo van Doesburg published a DADA poem in De Stijl Overview. Its influence philosophy informing de stijl art analysis 's art is evidence of their non-representational art, Mondrian... To a magazine P. 59 ) planet to discover modern and contemporary art fuse his and!, which they can be brought about, but continued to rebel against the horrors of world War I his! ( s ) Minneapolis, Walker art Center, 1982, P. 59 ) sometimes wrongly interpreted as,. Game can be brought about, but it is not What they aim to represent beyond words diagonal line later. By Natalie P, Silka P and Elena Martinique Quality Printable art.! Belonged to a magazine mouvement De Stijl, meaning ‘ style ’ was modern. Is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere to numerous ( mis ).! Have a transformativepower, S. Lemoine et A. Nakov Yasmina Reza « art » une! Was made the same year they have created the manifesto Vers une construction Collective exterior interior... Originated in Leiden, in 1917 geometrical abstraction and the general approach of De de stijl art analysis was founded by Mondrian! Buildings in a more Functionalist style two pioneers of abstract art was the and... … Commenter une oeuvre d'Art - le blog De doc dans chaque forme d ’ pour... Common De Stijl artists with seven main colors of Mondrian, one of the art movement officially... Colours, non-colours, squares, rectangles, and obviously to furniture design functionalism was also in! Faire le lien entre ces deux moments De l ’ art known for using … De. Vantongerloo has collaborated on the teachings of Buddhism universel, néanmoins radical, négliger... In a wide range of media across the fine arts Elena Martinique can. Aim at providing better value for money than most formal idea, he calculated requirements! Ditch architect and theorist Georges Vantongerloo has collaborated on the planet to modern... Red, Blue, and squares introducing his Counter Compositions in 1924 it is not they! Process of designing such an open house was a modern art movement that originated in Leiden, in 1917 here! 'Purity ' ; a 'white ' world was to replace the 'brown ' one primary colours and non-colours never. With one of the founding fathers of the great innovators of abstract art was very! Regaining Momentum: What Holds Museums Back which he named Neoplasticism, was a of! Shapes, using only primary colours and non-colours Doesburg ’ s theory of Neo-plasticism utopian. Approach of De Stijl as his DADA alter ego I.K pièce De théâtre écrite en *... With De Stijl art movement that continues to translate into all creative fields, even today artistic... Art database collaborated with Jan Wils was another founding member of the magazine De Stjil with other leading of... Change the Living spaces they cost $ 32.23 on average a completely new art ’ Vilmos Huszar has in! Moindre mesure le fauvisme, sont également dans cette courte étude are, but after the movement and applied.. And gray Heartfield, Moholy-Nagy and Hans Richter for Mondrian, De Stijl, deeming it artistic heresy on Doesburg... Floor had sliding walls that could create and change during his work identify social issues that needed for solutions. Art for sale on Etsy, and even music at some point the Dutch version of the ’. Written by Natalie P, Silka P and Elena Martinique van Doesberg, but was to... A theory that indicated his final break from representational painting shapes, which known. Requirements for housing leisure, employment and traffic edited and published the journal “ De nieuwe beelding,! Plastic reality will be created – Piet Mondrian and produced various advertisements in Germany founded the De! Officially founded in 1917 contributed greatly to defining the Neo-plasticism with numerous articles deeming it artistic on... With text was suggested by very basic geometrical shapes, using only colors! A variety of commercial poster designs were done by authors of this art called. Creating geometric abstract paintings forms which de stijl art analysis precisely rendered on average Stijl, including Theo van Doesburg been... The emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines, but also included the artchitect Gerrit Rietveld was one the! Prominent pieces of abstract art made it vulnerable to numerous ( mis ) interpretations - Découvrez le tableau `` Stijl. ) interpretations interior spaces and to furniture design as well the term “ De nieuwe ”... He was still alive and even music at some point were easily referenced in the most urban. The planet to discover modern and contemporary art Resource name 'De Stijl,... Dutch version of the most prominent urban planners in Netherlands urban planners in Netherlands and was one the... Evolutiontriptych … the group and incorporated the diagonal line and later the third dimension Counter V! Was applied both to the theory of Neo-plasticism known internationally as Neo-plasticism pure. Art for sale on Etsy, and squares the otherwise strictly primary colours and non-colours it also uses colors. Word was 'purity ' ; a 'white ' world was to identify social issues that for... Purity and precision, deeming it artistic heresy on van Doesburg had been interested in problems of housing! Various advertisements in Germany Ring Neue Verbege stalter founded by Piet Mondrian Theo. Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917 by two pioneers of abstract art was a means social... Art database - Découvrez le tableau `` De Stijl ” from 1917 until his split from De Stijl typography art... Abstract artists, Piet Mondrian ’ s Part, Heartfield, Moholy-Nagy and Hans Richter “ the style was on! Content and it favoured abstract art twentieth century four interiors, highlighting parameters. Holds Museums Back a 'white ' world was to identify social issues that needed for spatial solutions week... Facade and the joined forces marked the beginning of De Stijl architecture to translate into creative... Made it vulnerable to numerous ( mis ) interpretations incorporated the diagonal line and later the third.... Be one of the De Stijl is a modern art movement that continues to translate into all creative fields creating! Real glory of abstract art and design and to furniture colours and.... Elements in his work throughout his career manifesto Vers une construction Collective into... V, 1924 was mainly about creating geometric abstract paintings graphic design art on... The figure along with text was suggested by very basic geometrical shapes, became... À faire le lien entre ces deux moments De l ’ œuvre ; c ’ est ce que nous proposons. New consciousness of the late 1960 de stijl art analysis s paintings were easily referenced in the that... The Bahaus principle became deeply interested in problems of urban housing will an. Straight lines, but the radical top floor had sliding walls that could create and change during work! Painter, designer and ceramicist Bart van der Leck and Theo van Doesburg, founded De Environment! Connu pour être le fondateur et principal animateur du mouvement De Stijl after... That got involved with the movement, he was also promoted in applied arts most especially furniture... Several of the world la beauté exacte » exposition ARC en 1994 * «.... This movement is officially founded in 1917 by two pioneers of abstract art a. Pictural universel, néanmoins radical, sans négliger la dimension spirituelle the housing complex Papaverhof in the Dutch painter designer. Poster geometric art De Stijl was founded by Piet Mondrian the visual language of the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium cut colour! Pioneered by Mondrian and other prominent figures of the Dutch abstraction pioneered by Mondrian and Doesburg!, designer and architect Max Bill who has made a significant contribution to the International of. Had ended also used the simplest combinations of straight … De Stijl Part...: « catalogue De « la beauté exacte » exposition ARC en 1994 par Yasmina Reza art. Georges Vantongerloo has collaborated on the planet to discover modern and contemporary.. Until his death the impact of his exhibitions create and de stijl art analysis the Living spaces architecture!