The four parties that make up the ruling coalition and several opposition parties backed a curfew from 9 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. — shifting the start a half hour later than originally […] Border officials have been confiscating sandwiches and other foodstuffs from drivers arriving in the Netherlands from the UK after Brexit, TV footage has revealed. Chief inspector Alida Oppers told the AD on Friday that the results will be lower than in previous years but that this is not a reason not to press ahead with them. Sports! Stay connected in Dutch to Australian news and conversations that matter to you. Wednesday January 20, 2021. Health Politics Business. In the Netherlands, the television market is divided between a number of commercial networks, such as RTL Nederland, and a system of public broadcasters sharing three channels, NPO 1, NPO 2, and NPO 3. Search. Balanced, impartial and without agenda from the SBS Dutch team. In this day and age, virtually every country has its own set of television networks. 20 January 2021 - 17:47. Enjoy live and pre-recorded radio and TV broadcasts from the Netherlands! Like in other counties TV originally evolved from radio in Holland, and up until the last few decades, virtually all television content was broadcast over the air. The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. In the very least, you can tell from footage and routine English-commentary what is keeping the Dutch busy. . Dutch News. A Dutch television network has filmed border officials seizing food, including meat sandwiches, from travellers entering the Netherlands from the U.K. -- … The Netherlands will be under curfew from 9pm to 4.30am from Saturday until at least February 9, after a majority of MPs voted in favour of the plan, following a full day of debate. 10:00am Dutch News. Not that it matters, because you do... More >, The decision to postpone the second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by two weeks so more people can be vaccinated in the first round is ‘not ideal’, experts have said, but is inevitable in the light of the threat posed by the more infectious B-117 variant. Television broadcasts originate from Brussels, Amsterdam and other cities. 10:00am Dutch News. Top stories; Health; Crime; Politics; Business; Tech ; Culture; Sports; Weird; 1-1-2; Search. Brexit: Dutch officials confiscate ham sandwiches from bemused UK visitors 4 days ago Travellers cannot take meat or dairy products into the EU and Dutch officials were strictly enforcing the … Health. News, current events, entertainment and sport broadcasts are available. News, off-beat stories and analysis of German and international affairs. Former Dutch … In the very least, you can tell from footage and routine English-commentary what is keeping the Dutch busy. News via satellite from BVN, in Dutch, no subtitles. Tuesday, December 8. current events and sport telecasts are available in Dutch. Dutch government set to extend coronavirus lockdown by three weeks 11.01.2021 by Victoria Séveno The Netherlands nabs top 10 spot in quality of life ranking for expats 1 season available Netherlands. Commentators said the woman was being punished for accepting groceries, even though the welfare rules state that claimants must tell officials about all extra income.... More >. Dutch documentary reports that Shell employees ordered vandalisation of pipelines to profit from clean-up budgets. Our experts are more than happy to answer all your banking questions, Find the cleaner that suits your need perfectly, Over 30 years of experience in handling Dutch tax issues for internationals, Legal help with housing, discrimination, employment, divorce and more, Filing your income tax return stress-free and in plain English online, Experts in financial services, mortgages and financial advice for expats, Offering information and guidance about living and working in The Hague region, A one-stop-shop service for international newcomers in the Amsterdam area, Help with buying a home in a language you understand, © 2021 DutchNews | Cookie settings | website by Vindustries.