Flag of Vic, Catalonia, Spain. Red square with a bold, equilateral white cross in the… Switzerland, flag. State Flag of Galicia, Spain. John S. Ayer, 2 March 1999. Color. The so-called Christian flag was invented in 1897 by Charles C. Overton, a well-known Coney Island real estate dealer and Sunday school superintendent in the USA, and promoted by the Methodist Young People's Missionary Movement starting in 1907.The background is a white field upon which a blue canton charged with a red Latin cross rests in the upper left corner. Resolution. 4.7 out of 5 stars 312. Flag of Switzerland, 1881. Download this stock image: National flag of Tonga: red cross in white square in upper left corner of red field. It has a white background and a red cross … Primary. Sardinia’s flag (below) is similar to Georgia’s, but instead of a cross in each quarter there’s a bandaged Moors‘ head facing away from the mast. The flag has a blue Nordic cross on a white background with a coat of arms at the center. The flag has a yellow cross with a black background. Flag of Sardinia. Reset. Flag of the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The white flag contains a blue box with a red cross inside. Fitzhugh MacCrae, 9 August 2000 I have found no source of those flags or banners. Several individual churches or denominations have their own unique flags as well. $5.99 $ 5. The flag of the Knights Hospitallers was a red field with a white cross formee, and invariably had five red tails with rounded points. Blue. The black cross on a white field would have also been used by the Germans, and eventually would become the main charge of the … Flag of Switzerland. A 4chan logo is emblazoned in the upper left hand corner. Flag of the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. During a race it will let a rider know they are about to be lapped and to allow the other rider to pass. The National Socialist flags depicted include Traditionalist Worker Party and Vanguard America. 99. Finland adopted their national flag on May 29, 1918, after they gained their independence from Russia. Click on a flag to see others of similar design. Percentage. The White flag with a red X combined with the yellow and red striped flag indicates to the field there is water on the track and is waved only at the marshal post relevant. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Contributor . Flag of Sitges, Catalonia, Spain. – kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stock Adopted in 1943, this flag's red-white-red stripes are said to represent the Beqaa Valley between Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon Mountains. At his funeral the car carrying his body had a Black Square on the front and mourners held flags decorated with black squares. Red field with a dark blue rectangle in the upper hoist-side corner bearing a… Flag of Tajikistan, 2009. It’s an inversion of the Swiss flag (a white cross on a red background). State Flag of en:San MarinoSan Marino. The Star-Spangled Banner’s particular shade of red shows up in 14.3 percent of all national flags, making it the second most common color after white. The black square became not only an icon of Malevich's style, but an icon of twentieth century art. The white cross is known as the Swiss cross. Panorama. Hate Symbol Confederate Flag white square button large red circle large blue circle large orange diamond large blue diamond small orange diamond small blue diamond circled cross pommee cross pommee with half circle below cross pommee notched left semicircle with three dots clock face one oclock clock face two oclock clock face three oclock clock fa