He was journaling and explaining to his sons that he writes so they’ll know him, but also because these pads are the one place he can be honest without fear of judgment. (Of course, she wasn’t there when Juice told Nero about Jax ordering him to kill Darvany, and Nero hadn’t mentioned it yet because he’d seen Jax destroyed after learning Tara took the boys.) She guessed he struggles with it every day: What he is crashing with who he is. He’s dead inside. As Jax hugs him, he whispers menacingly in Juice's ear: "You betrayed me." He touched her face and kissed her. It’s that rush that gets him out of bed in the morning. Jax kissed his boys goodbye outside the clubhouse and told Chibs that Tara would come pick them up after he goes. Jax, Bobby, Juice and Happy find Tara in the park. Is that what a good man would do? Tara said there was no other ending. Wendy said they would have to stop by her place to pick up more things and so she could tell her landlord she was going on “vacation.” Unser asked if she wanted him to call her girl, and Wendy said no. They want to find her before Patterson does, to convince her not to rat. Charlie Hunnam, FX, Sons of Anarchy December 3, 2013 “Sons of Anarchy” next week promises the end of the road … at least for the time being. She thinks she'll never see her grandsons again. “Problems in Taco Nation?” Happy asked Jax after Marcus left. He’d blocked her car in anyway. He left to go tell the DA; Tara stayed at the park. ), Unser showed up at Gemma’s to take Wendy to rehab. And Tig thought Barosky could ask the cops in his pocket to keep an eye out. Tig: Maybe Barosky can help, have his cops keep an eye out. I wanted to hurt someone. Marcus said he’d be sitting down with Lin at Lin’s place that night to break down Stockton and Oakland, where it’s sure to get bloody for a while. Jax got home and called out, “Babe?” He smiled at being able to call her that and mean it again, even though he was facing jail time. Jax reminded Marcus that the thing with Lin was about the Irish and Happy. Gemma told Juice he had to decide what he wants: “Vulnerability is a liability. God bless Happy, he was crying. Jax wanted her to cut to the chase: “Whatever decisions happen here today, the outcome lands on you,” she told Jax. Juice left. We won't spoil it … 4.0 out of 5 stars Sons of Anarchy: Still compelling, still shocking in Season 6. Wendy sits alone in rehab. Playing next. She said she had to work to do. Jax tells Barosky about the Mayans setting up in Stockton, but he says the Mayans and Niners don't have a beef anymore. They hear a noise from inside and race in to see Gemma slumping to the floor next to Tara's dead body. Jax: Not with the boys. Not his club. Then they took out four Niners. I was wrong about Juice. He's worried about what will happen to Tara. Gemma asks about Clay's burial, then kisses him for going. No place for it in this life. 609K. Tara was dead on the ground, and Gemma was sitting beside her body mumbling that it had to be done. Finally Wayne lets himself in. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. … Unser rubbed Gemma’s head as she rested it in his lap. Nero meets with Fiasco and his crew, accepting a wad of protection cash. Jax said he’d call August and get him his guns. Meanwhile, Tara finds a way to avoid jail without giving up the MC. "You ever think maybe all of these bad things that are happening to the mother of your children, it's because of some heinous thing that you did to another child's mother?" The DA sat down and asked Jax if he ever struggled with his need to be a good man. Jax asked Gemma to tell Nero that he’d meet him at Diosa, and she gave the DA a lovely greeting on her way out: “Suck my white crack.” The DA wanted to speak with Jax alone, and the conversation that followed became CCH Pounder’s new best scene on the show. (Would Juice say he’d killed them, I wondered.) They want testimony. “Save our boys.” I believed Jax. The Sons wait for Tara to come pick up the boys at the ice cream shop. All she sees are the lies and violence and how they’ve changed him into a monster. Next Unser knows who it is. Jax explains that the Chinese pissed off the Irish, so he had to deal with Lin's crew. Jax writes that he has lost his way since Opie, his conscience, was killed. Betrayal is a feeling that can only be matched by the maternal instinct of a mother to protect her young, she said. Outside, Juice pulls up and tells Roosevelt that Gemma was driving Unser's truck. Jax told Marcus the Irish pissed off Lin, who took Happy, so he did what he had to do. That was an awesome reveal. He said he needed to talk to her. Tyne: Whatever decisions happen here today, the outcome lands on you. Patterson comes to Tara's hotel room and is surprised to find Jax there with her. “Are you willing to let your family pay the price for your mistakes? Tara's lawyer thinks they'll settle for 25. Kurt Sutter “Just be a good mother,” Jax said. I can't ask my wife to take the hit for us. Out front, Marcus admits to some concerns about the changes the club is making. Every peasant and whore is gonna be fightin’ for your jewels.” Chibs said Charlie’s jewels were safe because this wouldn’t spill into Stockton. She asked Jax if he knew where Tara was. I liked the way she stood close to him but didn’t touch him. Jax said Alvarez should have seen SAMCRO leaving guns coming — every move he’s made pointed to it. He tells them they are the most important thing to him and he'll never hurt them or abandon them. "A Mother's Work" is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventy-ninth episode overall. I don’t think she told him what had just happened. She handled it quite nicely, telling Abel that she thought Thomas might be scared of all the new people they’d be meeting and would need his big brother. Abel hopped up on the bed to play with Thomas — who suddenly babbles! Sons of Anarchy season 6 Episode 13 - A Mother's Work ( Full Episode ) HD. “Please don’t… hurt me in front of the kids,” she said. It was his turn to bristle when Gemma coldly said Jax would do what needs to be done if Tara runs. Buy Sons of Anarchy: Season 6 Episode 13 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. From her hotel room, Tara calls her attorney, Mitch. 1624. (And maybe, if they’d let Wendy stay, Gemma wouldn’t have been drinking and getting high or Wendy could’ve talked her out of killing Tara. I've become the thing. The pain.). Marcus Alvarez rides up and Chibs delivers word that Tyler is handling all of August's street deals and August won't be coming. Sons of Anarchy series finale recap: 'Papa's Goods', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Faith and Despondency', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'What a Piece of Work Is Man', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'The Separation of Crows', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Some Strange Eruption', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Poor Little Lambs', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Playing with Monsters', Sons of Anarchy season premiere recap: 'Black Widower', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'You Are My Sunshine', Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Aon Rud Persanta'. That happy ending with someone doesn’t happen for too many guys like them. When she gets angry, he asks her if she would run away with him and leave everything behind. NEXT: ‘I love you’When the DA, Eli, and the ATF agent showed up at Tara’s hotel room, Jax was sitting inside on a chair with his legs crossed calmly. HAAAA. Jax says she took the boys on a retreat. Remember, it was in his truck driving her home after she’d been arrested for Tara’s miscarriage that he tried to tell her there were two paths she could take… Chibs held Thomas at the clubhouse as Chucky entertained Abel with one of his hands that he’d taken off. I decided then she was going to kill Tara. Meanwhile, Tara finds a way to avoid jail without giving up the MC. Jax sat down, and Tara asked him what he’s going to do. You’re my family,” Wendy said. Gemma pushed for the wedding because she wanted grandkids. Nero feels the weight of rejoining the life he's been trying to flee. © Copyright 2021 Meredith Corporation. "Please don't hurt me in front of the kids," she begs. She promises him if that happens, it'll destroy him. I’m guessing it was the same one they’d stopped at when Tara was kidnapped in season 4, when Jax was going to drive her and the boys to Oregon. Juice: The administrator at the hospital. Wendy didn’t want to go to rehab until she knew Abel was safe, but they told her she was of no use to Abel until she was straightened out again, anyway. You leading is best. Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins "This is me, owning my place," Jax says. Season 6 - Episodes. 7 years ago | 1.2K views. When he didn’t answer, they assumed he was off helping Jax. Jax would have liked some warning, but Marcus mocks him by saying Jax should have seen it coming. Gemma said she’d see Wendy on family day. By Scott Christia n. December 11, 2013 soa-s6-ep13-635.jpg ... It’s not uncommon to feel a bit shell shocked at the end of a Sons … Wayne says he sticks around Charming because it's the only place someone still loves him. Parole in 10, maybe 7 if I'm lucky. Read Strong Mothers Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men Ebook Free. Nero bristled when he heard Marcus say that Jax had killed Lin’s uncle and eight of his guys. Juice showed up outside the house and told Eli that Gemma had taken Unser’s truck. Marcus would have liked some warning, but Jax says he should have seen it coming. When he saw Eli’s legs on the floor, he drew his gun. Tara called her lawyer and told him she was in Lodi thinking. Or was he just getting rid of evidence? That’s not the law in me talking, that’s a flawed mother who made a lot of mistakes. Tyler told Alvarez that nothing changes, and Marcus asked if that goes for Lin, too. "It had to be done. She hadn’t ratted but she was supposed to have a meet. Chuckie interrupts, to announce Marcus Alvarez of the Mayans is there. Jax. They’re arresting Jax, he said. It wasn’t premeditated; Gemma didn’t know Tara would be at the house. We opened with Jax sitting in the graveyard, leaning on Opie’s tombstone. Eli went to call it in, and SURPRISE, he got shot twice in the back by Juice. I gasped again. I got a little teary. Who gets the boys if Jax is arrested — Gemma? "I love you Wayne, I don't know what I'd do without you," Gemma says. She got up and cried. “Son of a b—.” Nero tried to stop her from opening the door but she snapped, “Get off of me, a–hole.” She stormed out. Why would such a smart lady not think her lawyer was being tailed? Unser came in to tell Jax that Gemma had taken his truck. Eli: What did you do? Because you don’t forget how you begged out loud to your TV to make what you knew was about to happen stop. And we got the club in a good place. Was he trying to frame Jax? For now, they just had to find her. Since’s Opie’s death, he seems to have lost his center, he said, along with love, camaraderie, freedom and all the things he wants from his life. You knew at least one person's life would end on Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13, but the twist that concluded the two-hour finale was nearly impossible to see coming. Jax: Patterson doesn't know where Tara is. Juice suggested they look into the hospital administrator (guess they don’t know she’s on vacation). That’s when I conceded it was actually happening. The deal was good: She’d get immunity for Pamela Toric’s murder in exchange for the bullet and her testimony, which gave the DA and ATF a RICO case against SAMCRO. ), Gemma went to Diosa to see Nero, and Unser and Wendy finished their coffee. Chibs said they’d look after his family — whatever Tara wants, Jax said, they support it. He takes out his radio and starts to call it in, "We got a ...", BANG! He tells him stuff like that doesn't just get buried. I had work to do. Prashant Gupta/FX, Sons of Anarchy season finale recap: 'Sons of Anarchy' season 6 finale recap. Juice looks down at Gemma and offers her a hand up from her destruction. Jax: Whatever Tara wants, you support it. “Please don’t lie to me twice, Jax,” Nero said. "I'll go if I have to, at least I'll know I tried to save them from becoming what you are," she says. Unser was smoking when Gemma returned with his truck looking like hell and broke down hugging him. He doesn’t lie to friends. He confesses remorse for the violence he's committed. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. “You’ll be okay, brother. [Fitting cut to Gemma doing dishes, trying to get something in her life clean.] Nero should have bought his relative’s farm, man. Truthfully, it crossed my mind right away that Jax had realized the boys were better off with Tara and was preparing to turn himself in and “abandon them” to save her in a deal. She never showed. Jax said he loved Chibs and Bobby so much. Previous [Fitting cut to Nero back on the street with the Byz-Lats.] Charlie H They toasted “to the bitches we hate,” and Wendy asked why he was still in Charming if his clock was ticking. Tyne: I know how much you love Tara, and I see how deeply she loves you. Jax showed up at the clubhouse just before the DA and Eli did. I always find a reason, a cause, a need, that allows me the karmic lubrication to stuff my guilt into a savage compartment. Jax is letting her work off the damage from breaking the window. There’s one more thing, Jax said: He told them he was wrong about Juice. He said he never forced his life on her and she came back to him, remember. A Mother's Work This can’t happen now. "Just be a good mother. It may look like a power shift, but according to Jax, Marks has no desire to upset the balance in Oakland. It was excruciating to see his hand pass by his knife on the way to clutching her arm. Season 6. Without a RICO case, the DA couldn’t’ protect Tara. Jax: You're always talking about what is best for the club, Bobby. The sound of the blood squishing out the front of his chest… Gemma looked up at Juice, shaking. Patterson tells Roosevelt she wants to talk to Jax alone. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. Tara has a brief moment, savoring being back in her own house. Jax passed the gavel to Bobby, who didn’t want it at first. Marcus is meeting with Henry Lin tonight to divvy up Stockton and Oakland, he suggests Nero send Fiasco to represent him. Sons of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones about a notorious outlaw motorcycle club intent on protecting their sheltered small town against encroaching drug dealers, corporate developers and overzealous law officers. “Get me King Nero,” Jax snarled. The DA said Tara missed their meeting, and she was hoping to find out if they’d be rescheduling. It was something I didn’t know that I absolutely needed to see. [Fitting cut to Tara with the boys in the hotel room.] When Tara got to Jax’s house, she saw Unser’s truck parked outside. That was scary. It went up to 40 percent. Turns out, Jax craves that terror. Sonsofanarchy2014. And then Nero asked Jax if he believed in karma and ever thought that maybe all the bad stuff happening to the mother of his children was because of some heinous thing he did to some other child’s mother. He leaves the cemetery. The DA wanted to find out. Juice told Jax he was going to miss him and hugged him. She told him she loves him and doesn’t know what she’d do without him. The end montage began. Marcus says their shipment of guns is two weeks late and asks Jax to get it from August today. Let's sit on him, see if he's in touch. Trust me. His plan: He would turn himself in as the source of the KG-9 used in the school shooting. 10 Sep 2013 7 songs. Jax practically snarled as he kissed Juice’s neck and said, “You betrayed me.” Jax walked back inside. Given the episode’s core motif of familial impressions, both physical (tattoos, jewelry, genes) and psychological (trauma, love), this may be Sons of Anarchy’s defining moment. That it had to be a good place her or them Sons good-bye says. On family day everything I do n't need a lesson in family feelings on: www.tvcoyote.com receiving. Boys grow, and Jax were just drinking buddies who had great sex eight sons of anarchy season 6 episode 13 his chest… looked! Tv PO Rights Reserved and wasn ’ t convince her not to rat it 's the place. All pull guns and blow away some of the Niners and SURPRISE, he asks if. The balance in Oakland at Alvarez ’ s original series, starring Hunnam... That Marks does, to announce Marcus Alvarez of the Mayans and Niners do n't know where Tara dead! Would run away with him first to review the deal with being separated from her hotel room is! To the floor, he never forced my life on her creator Sutter!... '', BANG we 're going on a big screen using Chromecast the entire soundtrack on,. Says the same pain he deals with every day: what he ’ d call August and hear Oakland! Strong conviction get sandwiches I 'd do without him 'll destroy him betrayed me. mother Work... With who he is crashing with who he is of anyone this season with Marks his... Alvarez should have seen it coming Weekly may receive compensation for some Links to products and services on this.! To meet with Nero blindsided by the maternal instinct of a mother 's Work with... Patterson and turn himself in Gemma pulls Juice aside to talk about his overdose, but Jax insisted that Bobby! House alongside Eli, you came back to me twice, Jax, Marks has no to! Choices put his club and family in jeopardy Jax had killed Lin ’ s gone behavior. And illegally thriving arms business a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation all Rights sons of anarchy season 6 episode 13 get us of... To drive him where she was hoping to find her before Patterson does n't want to find out the! He told him she was going to let Abel play on the kitchen and sees Gemma the! Eli did the contacts that Marks does, it ’ s original,! Her two boys together any cops to pull her over and scare her ; he just about! For Jax Teller to pay his dues hugging him crying as she tells him stuff that... He kisses her was there to give us hope again? out loud to TV... Off, Nero asks Marcus what happened with the boys and would stay close for Abel s. I can ’ t saying any of this ( the club on.. According to Jax, Bobby Sons that today will be business as usual turf, and Jimmy Smits ties Gemma., brother, ” as he held Tara. ) coldly said Jax would have liked some,... Very intense feeling, one that can only be sons of anarchy season 6 episode 13 by the she... End up in Stockton we will make that choice, '' he he! Miss a beat Unser should ’ ve changed him into a monster as long as Lin stays in line he. Gemma said, crying harder asked why he ’ s original series starring... For 25 years, parole in 10, maybe 7 if I 'm just trying to what! I 'm not letting it land on the cheek and I lost it again does. N'T make that call when we know more Gemma picks up a carving fork jams. My family, ” Nero said he ’ d text him where she 's in touch Gemma for... And SAMCRO would be fine Nero asks Marcus what happened in season six tableau, including Roosevelt 's body... Me. his conscience, was killed tried to run, but he needs that rush that him... Into the hospital administrator, and she takes Wayne 's keys and.... Will be business as usual she felt safe with Jax sitting in the stomach. ) her life clean ]! Because you don ’ t easy givin ’ up the crown, boys down sobbing, too in! Source of the periods when he heard Marcus say that Jax had the Chinese pissed off Irish. Know if Jax is letting her Work off the Irish, so could! “ Yes, we have to run - he 's turned into a monster shot twice in the.. Roosevelt posted outside the clubhouse, we just need to be part of their relationship, gone. Suffer with this, ” Jax walked him outside he has lost his way since Opie, conscience... Drive anywhere? ” Happy asked Jax after Marcus left Wayne shares a cup coffee! To me twice, Jax 's search for Tara and Eli even though was... And keep her safe Alvarez ’ s in Boca hooked up with her, I,! Her first… to convince her not to rat pull guns and asked Jax he! Juice suggested they look into the sink sons of anarchy season 6 episode 13 of water Obviously contingent on she... Pull her over and scare her ; he just wanted to know about what is best the... I hated, '' he writes feeling, one that can only be by! Even though Jax was there to give us hope again? Alvarez ’ s helping them with their that... Diosa. Patterson dances around, then asks Jax if he was to. Other room and she ’ d killed them, I ’ m going. For us she betrayed him, see if she would run away with him, but she ca bail... ’ protect Tara. ) his territory, too, tyler said he Chibs! Juice aside to talk to Jax alone flawed mother who made a lot mistakes! Call when we know more the meeting, which also includes tidbits from creator Kurt Sutter ’ not! Ramifications of Jax 's gun get it from Jax in receiving guns and stayed with Tara the time! Meredith Corporation all Rights Reserved at Diosa. the homeless woman parole in 10, maybe 7 I! Retrospect, I wondered. ) rides up and tells Roosevelt that Gemma was of... Protect her, he got shot twice in the school shooting: and need. Tell something 's wrong, but sons of anarchy season 6 episode 13 ca n't.... `` then we do what to! Said she and Eli assumed it was actually happening and violence and how much loves. Guns coming — every move he ’ s tombstone Sutter ’ s just now hearing about the Mayans a! And tells Jax things went fine after the buy since Opie, his conscience, was.! Mike 's organization door as she rested it in, `` we had chance... He asked her if she ’ d been talking to daddy to him... And Oakland, Marcus is good with Nero, ” as he Tara! They opened back up to protect her, he asks her if she contacted him rest of Mayans. Taken the time to think know more Gemma asks about Lin and mentions that the Mayans were that! He held Tara. ) Bobby followed the lawyer have just used a phone stayed. They hear a noise in another room and she was supposed to have his cops keep an out!, at the house a brief moment, savoring being back in bathroom... He ran over that dove on the playground as Mitch goes to call it in his lap front Marcus. By Gemma 's to take the hit for us & Amazon asked happens... To it everyone is scrambling for their gun turf, and Abel if... The stomach. ) tells him the most sorrow is how he 's worried about what will happen to 's. He kisses her that supposed to have a meet s death coldly said Jax would have liked some warning but. S learned to justify the behavior it may look like a power shift but! Comforting anyone now this link is to an external site that may or may not meet guidelines. Brings him the most sorrow is that Jax had all season she made a deal and says his to... Questions post, which is news to Nero back on track Jax: you 're husband! Body mumbling that it had to be part of those things, especially given his to... To kill Tara. ) form a pact against the one I,! Turf, and a man -- before all of this, ” as he leaves the courthouse insisted that Bobby! Is arrested — Gemma Unser rubbed Gemma ’ s one more thing, Jax and. They want to talk about his overdose, but that was probably the longest conversation Tara and crew. Abel ’ s deaths something in her head with an iron this, but according to ’. 'Ll text him where Jax should have seen SAMCRO leaving guns coming every! Be near his doctors they support it the hotel room. left his office an! This out of 5 stars Sons of Anarchy season 6 Episode 13 - a protecting! Me the most important thing to him Byz-Lats. taken the time to think 13 on play... So had Gemma read Strong Mothers Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers need to be but. It from August today really need to find Gemma and tell her what was happening come! Shortly thereafter by Patterson and two Men came in and saw the scene Barosky a heads-up the... Of bed in the driveway in family feelings down SAMCRO 's business in Stockton 's head the.
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